Melica’s Project

Melica’s project showcased a masterful blend of style and function, transforming her space with fluted wall woodwork, elegant wall units with integrated light fixtures, and a luxurious TV corner. The fluted wall woodwork added a sophisticated texture and depth to the room, creating a striking visual impact. These vertical grooves not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also brought a sense of height and grandeur to the space.

The custom wall units were designed with both beauty and utility in mind. Featuring built-in light fixtures, these units provided ample storage while illuminating the room in a warm, inviting glow. The light fixtures were strategically placed to highlight decorative items and create a cozy atmosphere. The TV corner was the project’s centerpiece, seamlessly integrating technology with design. It offered a luxurious and comfortable viewing experience, surrounded by meticulously crafted woodwork. The overall result was an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional living space, reflecting Melica’s refined taste and attention to detail.